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Enjoy Kanazawa gourmet at a great price with the gourmet ticket KANAZAWA BIMI !

Kanazawa is known as the “city of gourmet foods”. When you visit, why not try a variety of its delicious foods? We recommend the KANAZAWA BIMI gourmet ticket sold by the Kanazawa City Tourism Association, not only for people who are wondering "what is there to eat?", "where are the restaurants?" or "how much does it cost?", but also for those who are thinking "I want to take my time and choose from a big selection!". What's more, you can enjoy Kanazawa gourmet food at a great price through special offers such as special ticket -only set meals and discounted meals. It’s really convenient, since you can choose the restaurant you want to go to and the food you want to eat from categories including area, budget, and genre.

Gourmet tickets covering all of Kanazawa’s recommended gourmet foods. Easy to use!

Gourmet tickets are a big help when you are wondering where and what to eat. There are five tickets to choose from, offering a range of experiences from cafe sweets and a quick drink at a bar, to authentic course meals: Red (1000 yen), Yellow (2000 yen), Green (3000 yen), Blue (5000 yen) and Purple (10,000 yen). Choose from approximately 150 restaurants and around 250 dishes by budget, genre, and location. There are also many meals with a little discount!

In addition, the special "Ryotei Plan" (7000 to 44,000 yen) is also available for those who want to visit a Ryotei restaurant but are worried about how much it will cost (the amount includes taxes and service charges). *Drinks and additional dishes must be paid for separately.

The tickets are easy to use.

① Choose what you want to eat on the official KANAZAWA BIMI website.

② Make a reservation at the restaurant you want to go to and tell them that you will use a gourmet ticket (some restaurants do not require reservation)

③ Purchase a tickets

④ Present the ticket to the staff when ordering

Tickets can be purchased at the Kanazawa Station Tourist Information Center and Kanazawa Central Tourist Information Center, as well as at the reception desks of seven hotels within the city. If you are arriving by train,the Kanazawa Station Tourist Information Center (inside the station) is convenient. Please make a reservation at the restaurant in advance (excluding restaurants that do not require reservation). Make sure to check the official website first so that you don't later think "I should have eaten that too!". Please enjoy the local gourmet loved by Kanazawa’s people, to your heart's content!

Kanazawa’s recommended gourmet food! What sets it apart? What kinds of foods are there?

Blessed not only with ocean delicacies but also with those from mountains and villages, Kanazawa has long been a fusion of the good points of the East and West, and has developed its own food culture. What kind of delicious foods are waiting for you? We introduce them by genre.

◎ Sushi

Kanazawa is so famous for its delicious sushi that many people come here just to eat it. The reason why it’s so delicious is not simply because of its amazing freshness, but because there are many sushi artisans here that excel in sushi preparation.

◎ Japanese Food and Traditional Cuisine

There are many restaurants in Kanazawa that pay special attention not only to the ingredients and cooking techniques, but also to the feeling of the seasons, tableware, hospitality, and dining space, as might be expected for an area in which the culture of the tea ceremony and crafts remains and prospers.

◎ Izakaya

If you want to enjoy Kanazawa dishes and seasonal ingredients from Ishikawa Prefecture in a relaxed atmosphere, we also recommend local izakaya dining bars. You can enjoy various foods at a reasonable price. Some izakaya offer sake tasting sets too.

◎ Oden (Japanese Hot Pot)

Oden is a very popular dish all over Japan during the colder seasons; it reminds Japanese people of the taste of home cooked meals and makes them feel at ease. In terms of oden restaurants per capita, Kanazawa is one of the leading locations in Japan. Even though it’s known as a winter dish, there are many restaurants here that offer oden even in the summer. Kanazawa oden is characterized by its wide variety and several dishes unique to Kanazawa.

◎ Western Cuisine/International Cuisine

In addition to Japanese cuisine, Western and international cuisines in Kanazawa come highly regarded, thanks to the large variety of ingredients and a taste that has been refined by the gourmet food loving customers in the city. There are many restaurants that boast dishes made with ingredients unique to Hokuriku, and also restaurants in buildings with unique atmospheres such as old machiya townhouses.

◎ Cafes

Kanazawa has one of the highest amounts of expenditure for not only Japanese sweets but also cakes and chocolates, and its cafes too are of a high level. There are also cafes located within buildings such as machiya townhouses where you can enjoy the atmosphere of Kanazawa.

◎ Ramen & Soba Noodles

Be sure to check out the noodle dishes in the city of gourmet foods, such as at the ramen restaurants with reputations for their large servings or soups with an elegant taste, and the soba restaurants that use only buckwheat flour from the foothills of Mt. Hakusan.

◎ Japanese Sake / Western Liquors

Enjoy Kanazawa’s nightlife in bars where you can learn about the charms of Kanazawa from the bar owner, machiya townhouse bars where you can experience the mood of the geisha district, and pubs where you can taste craft beers.


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