About Us

As a Kanazawa's destination marketing organization (Kanazawa DMO), Kanazawa City Tourism Association shares goals and strategies with Kanazawa City, helps to build a face-to-face relationship among businesses, and implements initiatives to boost per capita consumption and increase visitors’ length of stay with the aim of increasing the earning power of the region as a whole. Our organization is made up of approximately 400 members from diverse industries. In cooperation with Kanazawa City and related industries, we actively promotes tourism by domestic and international visitors.

Kanazawa City formulated the "Kanazawa City Sustainable Tourism Promotion Plan 2021" in order to adapt to the needs of visitors and changing travel patterns. The strategic theme of the plan is "a city where citizens and visitors deepen their connection and weave together the 'authenticity' into the future." As a destination where people can experience the world-class Japanese culture, Kanazawa aims to be a place where citizens and visitors can share the same values and become a sustainable city long into the future.

With the launch of Kanazawa’s new tourism promotion plan, Kanazawa DMO has taken on three new functions alongside its existing initiatives;

  1. (1) management of tourism and community development to enhance the satisfaction of citizens and visitors,
  2. (2) development of human resources capable of communicating Kanazawa's uniqueness and charms by improving the abilities of tourism operators and guides in order to enhance satisfaction, and
  3. (3) promotion of data-driven marketing, customer management and strategic promotions to the target audience.

Kanazawa DMO will strongly promote tourism that is sustainable and in harmony with citizens’ lives, based on the tourism strategy of Kanazawa City.

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