Kanazawa Night Music

Enjoy the best music and drinks in the castle town, Kanazawa.

Here are some spots where you can fully enjoy Kanazawa at night.


Jazz, Fork, Classic

Mokkiriya is a cafe located in Kakinokibatake, near Kenrokuen Garden and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, in the heart of Kanazawa.

Since its opening in 1971, many musicians, ranging from local amateurs to big names, have been giving wonderful performances at the live house.

Please check the event on the website below.

When there are no live performances, the restaurant is open for regular business. We serve inexpensive and delicious food not so differently during the day and at night.


Located about 5 minutes on foot from Omicho Market, this is a hideaway jazz cafe and bar.

An authentic place where Jazz lovers gather from all over Japan to enjoy Jazz analog recordings as if it were a live performance. 

They don't perform live music at Bokunen. You can enjoy their record performances.

This is because there are more than 80 years of records (vinyl records), and many of the greatest performances of the century remain on vinyl.

Curry is also a popular dish.

jazz music dining bar NOEL

Jazz, Rock, Fork

A bar where you can enjoy light Jazz and live music flowing in the bar while having a drink.

Although the store is located in the suburbs of Kanazawa City, it is fully equipped with performance facilities. 

Please check the website below for live events.

Sky Lounge "Le Grand Chariot"


The lounge is located on the highest floor in Kanazawa (30F above ground). 

The view, music, and delicious beverages and food can only be experienced here. They offer a high quality atmosphere.

The music, mainly JAZZ, is performed by a local pianist and becomes more spectacular on weekends with the addition of vocals.

Kanazawa Music Bar

Fork, R&B, A capella, etc...

A bar where analog records are played in earnest on a top-of-the-line sound system.

More than 1,000 records from around the world, ranging from timeless classics to rare sound sources.

A top-of-the-line audio system produced by Shinichi Osawa.

Our exclusive music selector selects music every night based on his feeling of the moment, regardless of genre or age.

  • Mokkiriya
  • jazz music dining bar NOEL
  • Sky Lounge "Le Grand Chariot"
  • Kanazawa Music Bar

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