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Let's enjoy Kanazawa deeper and interact with locals!
Hello Kanazawa is a collection of unique activities offered by local businesses.

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The making of original name charm! Let's make the souvenir of the trip in the metal sculpture studio! [The charm of dogs and cats is popular, too]
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You can experience various carved seals! [an intermediate course in the workshop of the metal sculpture studio]
The making name charm of Kaga Inlay and original carved seals.【You can take a walk from Higashiyama.】
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Recommend it to your souvenir, baby gift and present of the Memorial day. The charm for the pet of a dog and the cat is popular, too.
The making of original name charm of the small carved seals. [You can make the family crest of Kaga(A plum blossom crest) too!]
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It is completed in around one hour from 40 minutes. It is recommended to a child and families. How about insouvenir of a trip?
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