Day trip course from Kanazawa to Hida Takayama

Approx. 10 hours 30 minutes.
Highway Bus

After enjoying the castle town of Kaga Hyakumangoku in Kanazawa, the next day you can go to Hida Takayama, which fostered a unique culture as a shogunate-dominated territory. By express bus, it takes just over two hours to reach Hida Takayama via Shirakawa-go. You will visit Takayama Jinya and Takayama Festival Floats Exhibition Hall (Takayama Matsuri Yatai Kaikan) and take a walk through the old township (Furui-machi-nami.)

This time, you will take the Kanazawa-Takayama Highway Bus Route.

   Nohi bus schedule(Takayama~Kanazawa Line)

For more information on the Hida Takayama Round Trip Bus, please visit the official Takayama City Tourist Website.

  Hida Takayama Tourist Information

The Experience Plan page introduces tour plans that include Hida Takayama.

Please make use of the official Hokuriku-Hida-Shinshu 3-Star Road Trip website, which introduces model routes that include Takayama!

Day trip course from Kanazawa to Hida Takayama
Take Highway Bus Kanazawa-Takayama Line (via Shirakawa-go) from Kanazawa Station West Exit Bus Terminal No. 4.
Get off at Takayama/Nohi Bus Centre.
Approx. 2 hours 15 mins (all services by reservation only).
Approx. 5 minutes' walk
From Kokubunji bus stop, take the Hida Takayama Route bus for 10 minutes.
Get off at Daishinmachi 1-chome bus stop.
(Please check times as buses are infrequent).
Approx. 3 minutes' walk.

Takayama Festival Floats Hall

Festival stalls used for the autumn Takayama Festival are on display.

Go around along the Miyagawa River to visit the Takayama Festival Floats Exhibition Hall at Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine.

There are two Takayama festivals, the Sanno Matsuri in spring and the Hachiman Matsuri in autumn, of which the festival floats used in the autumn Takayama festival are on display.

You can also visit the Sakurayama Nikko kan (Museum), which is attached to the museum.

Takayama Festival Floats Hall
Approx. 10 minutes.

Old township (Furui-machi-nami)

The old streets of the castle town's three main streets of Kamimachi and Shimomachi, which developed as a merchant town in the heart of the castle town, have been designated as a Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. Today, the area is still full of life, lined with shops and souvenir shops.

Old township (Furui-machi-nami)
Approx. 5 minutes.

Takayama Museum of History and Art

Learn about the history of Takayama

The history of Takayama Castle Town and the arts, crafts and traditional culture that have been nurtured in the area are introduced.

Takayama Museum of History and Art
Approx. 8 minutes.

Takayama Jinya

One of the lower residences of the Kanamori, lords of Takayama Castle.

The Takayama Jinya is the only remaining county magistrate's office in the country, and after Hida came under the direct control of the Tokugawa Shogunate, the shogunate dispatched magistrates and county magistrates to administer politics here.

The morning market in front of the camp, held every morning, is as lively as the morning market along the Miyagawa River.

You can also order a guide (free of charge) to learn more about the history of Hida Takayama.

Takayama Jinya
Approx. 10 minutes.
Highway Bus Takayama-Kanazawa Route (via Shirakawa-go) from Takayama/Nohi Bus Centre, Bus Stop No. 4
Kanazawa Station
Approx. 2hr 15 mins (all services by reservation only).
  • Takayama Festival Floats Hall
  • Old township (Furui-machi-nami)
  • Takayama Museum of History and Art
  • Takayama Jinya


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