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Higashi Chaya District

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Higashi Chaya District
Autumn Winter
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  • • Kanazawa City has the copyright of the image data under the Copyright Act and international treaties.
  • • The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the image data are not transferred to users.


Please be aware that, while Kanazawa City takes every precaution when using images, we will not bear any responsibility for any incident arising from the images or the downloading thereof.


  • • The image data can be used in order to advertise the sightseeing of Kanazawa. The data can be modified as well.
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    Examples of acceptable image credits:
    "©Kanazawa City," "Photo: Kanazawa City," "Copyright: Kanazawa City," or any other similar phrasing.

Prohibited Matters

  • • Using images for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited regardless of whether the image is modified or not.
  • - Example : Calendars and picture postcards
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  • - Example : An image data collection
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