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Let's enjoy Kanazawa deeper and interact with locals!
Hello Kanazawa is a collection of unique activities offered by local businesses.

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Kanazawa Geisha Experience 2023-24
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Kanazawa Geisha’s Traditional Performing Arts and Hospitality
Enjoy Cherry blossoms, Geisha and Tea Ceremony in the Kazue-machi teahouse district.
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This is an opportunity to learn about the Kanazawa culture in the area with beautiful cherry blossoms!
Limited Time Event! Meet a Geisha in Kanazawa — Asanogawa River Cherry Blossom Season Tour
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This tour offers a rare and precious opportunity to experience Kanazawa geigi (geisha) entertainment and hospitality! Don't miss the Asanogawa River Cherry Blossom Season Tour, sharing Kanazawa’s traditional geigi and chaya geisha house culture with the w
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