Private Walking Tour in Kanazawa with Local Guides

Explore Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen Garden, Higashi Chaya Teahouse District or Nagamachi Bukeyashiki Samurai District with our local guides!

Join us for a private walking tour in Kanazawa! Meet our local guides and explore the city while learning historical and cultural background of its famous tourist attractions as well as our recommended spots, hidden in the old narrow streets of Kanazawa. Our guides genuinely love Kanazawa, always keep in mind to learn new things, and would be happy to show you the city. Our tour is completely private, we accept only one group per reservation, so the tour can be customized depending on your needs and interests.

You can choose two of the following destinations:

1. Kanazawa Castle

   The headquarters of the Maeda clan, known as the most powerful feudal lords after the ruling Tokugawa clan. We will take a walk in the Castle Park and learn how the castle was built and used throughought it’s history.

2. Kenrokuen Garden

    One of the most beautiful gardens of Japan, that attracts visitors from all over the world. Cherry blossoms in spring, red leaves in autumn or snow in winter – it is beautiful no matter the season.

3. Higashi Chaya Tea District

    Traditional tea-house district, where the guests were once (and still are!) entertained by geisha performances. Dive into the atmosphere of feudal Japan, visit 200 years old tea house and local souvenir shops and cafes offering traditional arts, crafts, foods and drinks.

4. Nagamachi Bukeyashiki Samurai District

   A historical district not far from the Kanazawa Castle, which once was a home to middle-class samurai and their families. Learn how samurai lived while walking through the narrow streets of the district, visit the houses where they used to live, and don’t forget to buy souvenirs in one of the traditional arts and crafts shops!

Number of Participants: Up to 9 guests
Cancellation Fee: Cancellation is free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the date of the reservation.
If you cancel after that period, we will charge 100% of the reservation fee.
What’s not Included: Entrance fees
Transportation fees
Food and drinks


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Up to 5 guests: 27500 yen per group
(Please contact us for larger groups)
English-Speaking Guide
9:30~12:30 or 13:30~16:30 (two locations per time slot)
Kanazawa Castle Park, Kenrokuen Garden, Higashi Chaya Teahouse District, Nagamachi Bukeyashiki Samurai District
Departure Point
Departure point depends on the route you choose. We will contact you by e-mail after you make your reservation to confirm the details.
Ending Point
Depends on the route you choose.
By Public Transportation
All the spots are located in the center of Kanazawa and can be easily reached by public transport.
Cancellation is free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the date of the reservation.
If you cancel after that period, we will charge 100% of the reservation fee.


Ishikawa, Kanazawa, Irie 2-54 Nakamura Bld. 3rd Floor
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