Dyeing Workshops with Local Artists

Create Your Own Design and Make Unique Items of Your Own Ising Traditional Japanese Techniques!

Yuzen Dyeing Workshop


1. Use a brush to paint in the dyes, inside the glue outlines of the prepared design.

This workshop uses seven dyes.

You can also mix the dyes to make whatever colors you like.

2. S et the colors using a highly alkaline solution (15 minutes).

3. Wash out the glue from the outlines.

This will leave sharp white outlines between the colored areas.

4. Stitch into a clip-on bow tie  or place in a frame.

Groups of up to four are welcome to watch steps 2–4 above if they are interested and have the time.

For groups of five or more, the finishing steps take long enough that the finished items will instead be sent out the following day.

(They will be sent to each guest’s overnight accommodations for the night after .)

If you have time, you are welcome to also look at the artist’s other works.

Yuzen Dyeing

Yuzen is a traditional technique used to dye fabric for kimonos and other luxurious garments, 

creating a design drawn directly onto the fabric in various colors.

The most distinctive feature of Yuzen dyeing is perhaps the use of a glue to create boundaries 

between dyes, preventing them from mixing.

This makes it possible to create incredibly fine dyed lines.

Using this glue keeps dyes within very specific boundaries on the fabric, enabling artisans to create 

vibrant designs that look almost like paintings.

Meet the Artist: Ai Inoue

This fabric-dyeing professional’s work incorporates Yuzen techniques, ordinarily used to produce 

fabric for garments like kimonos, alongside the decorative technique known as decalcomania.

Her art build on a theme of “the beginning of life.”

This is expressed through such motifs as plants growing, or various forms of underwater life.

She is currently based in Kanazawa.

Towel Dyeing Workshop

Hands-On Workshop Overview

1. Choose from a selection of tenugui towels pre-dyed with indigo.
2. Apply dye to woodblock stamps made by Sumire, and press onto your tenugui.
The stamps feature Kanazawa-themed designs, like geishas, Kenrokuen Garden’s iconic Kotoji stone lantern, yukizuri tree branch snow supports,
Tsuzumi-mon Gate, or daruma dolls. Stamp on as many designs as you’d like.
3. After your tenugui is stamped, it will then be dried and ironed to get any wrinkles out, and it’s finished!
The workshop has the fun, intimate feel of a short homestay.


・Meet an artist in person
・Step inside a Japanese house, a place most travelers don’t get to visit
・The workshop is fairly easy, so even kids can enjoy it

Meet the Artist: Sumire Shinjo

Sumire was born in Okinawa, and is a graduate of the Musashino Art University Department of
Industrial, Interior, and Craft Design, where she studied textile design and first
encountered woodblock printing and wax dyeing. Her work combines these techniques
for unique, distinctive depictions of motifs like landscapes, plants, and animals.
She has worked at the Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, and is still active in Kanazawa

Handbag Dyeing Workshop


1. Draw and cut your own paper stencils
2. Create a unique design using the stencils and colored sponges.

The artist will apply the final layer of paint after the experience, your work will be sent to you one day after.
The bags can be washed in a washing machine.
You can create any design you want, including the ones featuring your favorite characters!

Please note that it will take one day for the artist to complete your work, so we kindly ask you to take part in this workshop 

at least one week before you leave Japan, so that we have enough time to send your work to you. 

Please note, that it may take a few days for it to be delivered, depending on the location.

Meet the Artist: Nahoko Yamazaki

Nahoko Yamazaki was born in Kanagawa, and graduated from the Joshibi University of Art and Design’s Crafts Program.

Following her training at the Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo workshop, she now works in fabric dyeing in Kanazawa.

Her work focuses on delightful designs with motifs based on familiar things.

These designs tend to be somewhat minimalistic and slightly abstract, with the goal of creating a fun “a-ha” in the moment of recognition.


Experience fee:

Trial Price! Only until the end of February!

¥5,500 per person

(regular price ¥7,700 per person)
Minimum number of participants:3
(please contact us for smaller groups)
Maximum number of participants: 8
(please contact us for larger groups)


Please make a reservation at least one week in advance as the artists have a tight schedule.
No refunds for cancellations made less than one week in advance.
We cannot ship overseas.


Expressions Inc
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Trial Price! Only until the end of February!
¥5,500 per person
(regular price ¥7,700 per person)
2 hours
Departure Point
At one of the guest houses we operate, in central Kanazawa (we will send you the details beforehand)
By Public Transportation
All the guesthouses are located in the center of Kanazawa and can be easily reached by public transport.
8 (please contact us for larger groups)
Minimum Participants
3 (Please contact us for smaller groups)
Reservation Period
Please make a reservation at least one week in advance as the artists have a tight schedule. Please note that we may not be able to hold the workshop on certain dates, depending on the artist's schedule.
No refund for cancelations less than a week before
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