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Kanazawa Light-up Bus
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Make your night in Kanazawa excellent with this bus tour of illuminated spots.On Saturday evenings, the loop bus runs every 15 minutes to fascinating light-up spots in Kanazawa.It takes about 45 minutes to go around the whole route and passengers can get-on, get-off freely at any of the 16 bus stops on the way.Completely different from the daytime, the quiet and fantastical streets will enhance your travel mood.Why don't you get off anywhere along the route and enjoy an evening walk in Kanazawa! Bus stops for Kanazawa Light up Bus0. Kanazawa Station East Gate Bus Terminal #61. Musashigatsuji / Omi-cho Market Bus Stop #4 (Kanazawa Omotesando-guchi)2. Owari-cho3. Hashiba-cho Bus Stop #1 (Kinjohro-mae)4. Kenrokuen Garden/ Kanazawa Castle Park Bus Stop #1 (Ishikawa-mon-mukai)5. Marunouchi (Kanazawajo Gyokusen’inmaru teien-soba)6. Hirosaka /21st Century Museum Bus Stop #1 (Shiinoki geihinkan-mae)7. Pref. Museum of Art / Seisonkaku8. Hirosaka /21st Century Museum Bus Stop #2 (Ishiura jinja-mae)9. Honda-machi10. Sakurabashi11. Hirokoji Bus Stop #4 (Ozakura-mae)12. Kata-machi (Katamachi-Kirara-mae)13. Korinbo Bus Stop #7 (Nichigin-mae)14. Minami-cho / Oyama Jinja Shrine15. Musashigatsuji / Omi-cho Market Bus Stop #5 (M’ZA KUROMON KOJI-mae)0. Kanazawa Station East GateSave your money with Unlimited Ride PassThe fare costs 300 yen per ride that you need to pay on the bus each time or, if you have bought a Unlimited Ride Pass in advance, just show your pass to the driver when you get off the bus. It's reasonable to buy Unlimited Ride Pass of 500 yen if you take the bus more than twice in a day.Unlimited Ride Passes are available at the following locations.・Hokutetsu Ekimae Ticket Office (near the Kanazawa Sta. East Gate Bus Terminal #1, open until 20:00)・Hokutetsu Group Information Desk (near the Kanazawa Sta. East Gate Bus Terminal #7, open until 20:00)・Hokutetsu Bus Kata-machi Center (open until 19:00)・Some hotels in Kanazawa (Refer to the map on the reverse side)Don't forget to purchase Unlimited Ride Pass in advance because it's not sold on the bus.For inquiriesHokuriku Tetsudo Telephone Service Center076-237-5115 (8:00 to 19:00)
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