SAKURA Cherry-blossom season in Kanazawa

Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castel park are scheduled to give free admission and to provide illumination after cherry blossoms bloomed.

Visitors can watch a very big cherry tree, which was designated as a Japanese natural treasure, at the Shogetuji-temple in Teramachi temple area. It is said that the tree is 400 years old.

There are another view places of cherry trees in Kanazawa city, such as Sai-gawa river, Asano-gawa river and Kazue-machi chayagai district.  Why don’t you check and experience these places by “360°Panoramic View” ?


360°Panoramic View

Kanazawa Castel park:

Kazue-machi chayagai:


The Yuwaku Onsen Hot Spring where the history and elegance hang in the air


Approximately 30 minutes by car from the city center of Kanazawa there is an area called “Kanazawa no Oku-zashiki” (the meaning of which is a place where one can spend quiet time away from the noise of Kanazawa) which is home to the Yuwaku Onsen Hot Spring.


Recently, it has become the stage for the anime “Hanasaku-Iroha“, and the “Yuwaku Bonbori Matsuri” festival held in October every year is crowded with many anime fans. In 2018 the Yuwaku Onsen Hot Spring will celebrate its 1300th anniversary since its opening and various events are planned to be held. Be sure to come and spend a relaxing time in this calm atmosphere!


Release of the Promotional Video for Kanazawa City

A dance by a pair of dancers as one staged in the expressive architectures and city structure of the Edo era and the natural beauty of Kanazawa.

A visit can be the beginning of a romance and also can be the time to deepen the relationship with you love. A video filled with amazements of gorgeous scenarios and boundaries discoveries.


Visiting temples around the city of Kanazawa

There are many temples scattered around Kanazawa. Among them, there are three interesting temple areas called Ishibiki-no-michi (Kodatsuno temple area), Shizune-no-komichi (Teramachi temple area), Spiritual Path (Utatsuyama temple area).

Please be sure to experience a stroll through the streets lined with beautiful temples, which are filled with ancient history and atmosphere.


Ishibiki-no-michi (Kodatsuno temple area) NEW!

Shizune-no-komichi (Teramachi temple area)

Spiritual Path (Utatsuyama temple area)

Illumination of Kanazawa Castle Park and Kenrokuen Garden


Kanazawa Castle Park and Kenrokuen Garden will be illuminated in some evenings in every season. You can experience mystical atmosphere and different views from those in daytime. Why not stroll there and enjoy the beautifully lit-up scenery?

[Time and place of the Illumination]

Time: 17:30 to 21:00 Friday, November 17 to Saturday, December 9

Place: Kanazawa Castle Park, Gyokusen ‘inmaru garden, Kenrokuen Garden


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The 3rd Kanazawa Marathon 2017

On Sunday, October 29, the 3rd Kanazawa Marathon will take place.

The course consists of downtown area, Traditional area, Landscape view area and another wide area in Kanazawa city.


There will be a large scale of road traffic regulation for an extended time, creating major traffic jams around Kanazawa. Though this may cause you problems, your warm understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

For further information, visit the following website.


Music all around downtown for three days

Kanazawa Jazz Street 2017 is scheduled for three days from September 16 to 18. The Theme of this year is Jazz beyond borders, regions, generations!

Japanese or world top artists and big bands made up of university students will give over 170 free jazz concerts at 15 venue in downtown, Kanazawa.

In addition, we have even more impressive special paid concerts planned, including performances by world-famous artists.

Please enjoy jazz performed in many places and its downtown.

Lots of musical events from August to September in Kanazawa city!

In August, a musical event under the title of “Kanazawa a cappella town 2017” will take place for two days from August 26 to 27.

Amateur musicians from all over Japan will give free street live performances of a cappella at the same time in 18 venues, downtown Kanazawa. There will also be some pay-performances.

“Kanazawa JAZZ STREET 2017” will take place from September 16 to 18! (For further information, check the next [what’s new!] )

Enjoy a cappella harmonies of great individuality performed by both amateur and professional bands.