Kanazawa Geigi

Geigis have been active in the three teahouse districts of Kanazawa, Higashi, Nishi and Kazue-machi, since the Edo period (from the 17th to 19th centuries), and currently, about 50 Geigis have inherited the traditional performing arts.


Even if you want to meet a Geigi, there is a custom called “Ichigen san Okotowari” where first time visitors are unable to enter the teahouse. However, in this event, first time visitors are also able to enter the teahouse and watch the Geigis dance.


  • Kanazawa Geigi’s Traditional Performing Arts and Experience Hospitality in a Teahouse 2018

Watch a Geigi dance and taiko drum performance at an existing teahouse, and also experience playing party games. (*incleded traditional confectionary and tea)

*included an English interpreter as a guide




  • Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa

At Kaikaro in Higashi Chayagai District, the landlady explains the teahouse culture in English. An event focused on explanations, with English as the only language.