“The Sugihara Survivors Remembrance Route” website and video released

In 1940, Chiune Sugihara issued the transit visas to Jews refugees and thus helped thousands of Jews to flee Europe. The visas issues as a result of Chiune Sugihara’s courageous humanitarian act are called “visas for life”.

We invite you to discover and visit the cities of Yaotsu, Nagoya, Tsuruga, Kanazawa, Shirakawa and Takayama which are located on the Sugihara Survivors Remembrance Route. Along this route you will be able to soak up the spirit of this man and his achievements, and thus perhaps feel the hope that the world will always be at peace. You will also be able to enjoy the wonderful Japanese landscapes that punctuate this route and taste different aspects of traditional culture.

Please check out our website and video to learn more about Chiune Sugihara and this itinerary!

Website: https://www.chiune-route.com