It’s snow crab season!

For the Japanese, winter is the season of crab feasts. There are a variety of crabs that are enjoyed, but no one denies that the zuwai-gani (snow crab) caught in the Sea of Japan is one of the kings of winter delicacies. The meat of the zuwai-gani has a touch of sweetness and the crab butter is also rich in flavor.

Situated beside the Sea of Japan, Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed to have zuwai-gani as one of its specialty dishes. When the fishing season begins in November, many visitors come to Kanazawa to taste zuwai-gani and Omicho Market comes alive with shoppers.

The most common way of enjoying zuwai-gani among the Japanese is very simple- boil or grill fresh crabs and dip them in sanbaizu sauce (soy sauce mixed with vinegar and sugar). It is also delicious as tempura, sashimi, sushi, in hot pot and with many other styles of cuisine. You will find restaurants around Omicho Market that serve these winter delicacies.