“Dojo no Kabayaki”

“Black” Specialties in Summer – Traditional Local Dishes from Kanazawa

One can find two black-colored traditional dishes at Omicho Market during summer. The Omicho Market is also known as Kanazawa’s Kitchen.

“Dojo no Kabayaki” is a traditional Kanazawa dish, known for its flavor and its stamina-improving properties.


The dojo, called weatherfish or weather loach in English, is a small freshwater fish that resembles an eel. The dish is prepared by first grilling the fish over hot charcoal before dipping it into a sweet soy sauce. Afterward the fish is dipped in the sauce, the fish gets grilled a second time. The sauce is what makes the fish’ taste special, which recipe of course varies from restaurant to restaurant.

“Iro Zuke” literally means coloring. Iro Zuke is grilled seafood dish dressed with sweet-spicy soy sauce. White fish, scallops and squids are usually used for this simple and classic dish. The dish is known for its thick glaze and burnt fragrance which masks strong fish odors and which increases one’s appetite in hot summer days.

One can easily find “Dojo no Kabayaki” and Iro Zuke on skewers at Omicho Market for the road.

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