Winter (December to February)

Straw Matting of Mud Walls : December 1

Straw mats are put on the mud walls of the remains of the Naga-machi samurai residences for several days from December 1 every year. The straw matting of the mud walls protects the walls from frost, and prevents the walls from separation when the snow on the walls melts.

The mats called "komo" are made of straws finely knitted. A single mat is approximately 95 centimeters high and 360 centimeters wide. In the Naga-machi Buke Yashiki (samurai residence) district, straw mats protect the mud walls for a total extension of one kilometer until mid-March every year.

New Year Parade of Kanazawa City Fire Department : First Sunday of Year on and after January 5

Kaga Tobi is an acrobatic performance of firefighters allocated to the Edo mansion of the Maeda family early in the 18th century. The duty of the firefighters in those days was destroying adjoining houses in order to prevent the spread of fire. They have brushed up their acrobatic skills on top of ladders as their tools of work.

The New Year parade of the Kanazawa City Fire Department is performed in Kanazawa Castle Park with a fire drill in which 1,100 self-defense fire brigade members (fire-fighting volunteers apart from official fire department members) from each area of the city participate. The event includes the traditional Kaga Tobi performance on top of ladders and simultaneous water-discharge exercise of the Kanazawa City Fire Department. The splendid and brave Kaga Tobi performance is unique and covered by the news media throughout Japan every year.