Seasonal Events

Cherry blossom viewing

  • Time of yearearly April
  • PlaceKenroku-en Garden, etc.
  • DetailsBeautiful cherry blossoms can be enjoyed all over the city. Cherry blossoms in Kenroku-en Garden in particular are a must-see.

Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival

  • Time of yearfirst Friday, Saturday & Sunday of June (three days)
  • PlaceCity center
  • DetailsA festival re-enacting Toshiie Maeda's historic entrance into Kanazawa Castle. Lord Maeda was a feudal lord who built the foundations of Kanazawa.

Fireworks Festival

  • Time of yearlast Saturday of July
  • PlacePrefecture Mameda Ground (on the banks of Saigawa River)
  • DetailsFirework festivals are a feature of summer in Japan.
  • ChargesFree

Kanazawa A Capella Town

  • Time of yearlate August
  • PlaceCity center (live on the streets)
  • DetailsA capella is a style of singing without instrumental accompaniment. About 200 groups from all over Japan participate in singing a capella throughout the city.
  • ChargesFree (some require admission)


  • Time of yearmid-September (three days)
  • PlaceCity center (live on the streets)
  • DetailsOver 150 concerts are performed in the city center by world leading artists and university big bands. Enjoy Kanazawa filled with the spirit of jazz.
  • ChargesFree (some require admission)

Viewing of autumn foliage

  • Time of yearEnd of October - mid-November
  • PlaceKenroku-en Garden, etc.
  • DetailsBeautiful autumnal foliage can be enjoyed all over the city.

“Yukizuri”(rope supports to protect from the snow)

  • Time of yearearly November - mid-March
  • PlaceKenroku-en Garden, etc.
  • DetailsIn winter the branches of the trees are protected against the heavy snow with a rope construction called “Yukizuri”. In November you might even catch a glimpse of the men setting them up.

Straw Matting of Mud Walls of the Naga-machi Samurai Residences

  • Time of yearearly December - mid-March
  • PlaceNaga-machi Buke Yashiki District
  • DetailsThe mud walls of the old samurai houses are a symbol of the Nagamachi district. They are protected against snow damage using an age-old method called “Komogake” (literally, “to cover with a straw sheet”).

Kaga Fire-fighters New Year's Event

  • Time of yearfirst Sunday of January (or the following week if this Sunday falls between Jan. 1-4)
  • PlaceKanazawa Castle Park
  • DetailsThe fire-men of Kanazawa showcase fire-fighting skills that have been passed down from the Edo Period. This performance is held at the biginning of the year to demonstrate the abilities and spirit of fire-fighting.
  • ChargesFree

Setsubun Festival at Utasu Shrine

  • Time of yearFebruary 3rd
  • PlaceUtasu Shrine (Higashi Chaya District)
  • Details February 3rd is Setsubun. There is a custom of throwing roasted beans to wish for health and good fortune. At Utasu Shrine, geishas come to throw the beans, adding glamour to the event.
  • ChargesFree

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