Trip from Kanazawa


(City of Nanto)

- Topography Nanto adjoins the east side of Kanazawa with about 80% of its total area taken up by the forests of Hakusan National Park. The city abounds in nature, and the Shogawa and Oyabegawa rivers run through the city. Nanto’s winters are cold with high amounts of rain and snowfall, and in its mountainous region, snowfall can exceed 3 meters. In the lower lying lands, wide stretches of rice paddies dotted with farm houses make for some beautiful scenery.


- Topography Shirakawa-mura is located in the north-western part of Gifu Prefecture, and consists of 16 villages dotted along the Shogawa river and the national highway. 95% of the total area (35,655ha) is mountain and forest; 0.5% is agricultural land.


- Topography Hida is located in Gifu Prefecture, almost in the center of the Japanese archipelago. Here, narrow valleys stretch between countless steep mountains, dotted with villages. One of the widest basins here is the Takayama Basin. A peculiarity of the climate is the vast difference in temperature between night and day during the winter. With a heavy snowfall, the winter is extremely cold, and at its coldest, temperatures have been known to reach 15 degrees below freezing. On summer days, the dazzling